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Many clothing brands have co-opted the term 'Navajo' and now... We are taking it back!

Telling Our Story

See our culture through Indigenous men's fashion

Our Mission

The mission of Hashké is to create modern menswear that draws from Navajo culture and share the Navajo journey through artistic storytelling. For too long, the Navajo name has been used by external fashion brands to describe something that is not true to our people.

Our brand is an authentic and respectful representation of our culture because we work directly with members of our tribal community. We want to be able to share our culture and aesthetic with modern clothing that can be worn by anyone.

Today, all of our products are made in the USA, but tomorrow we would like to relocate our entire operation back to the Navajo Nation. Currently we operate with a small team of Indigenous planners, designers, and photographers with a goal to employ more of our people back home. We look towards a future where a Native American clothing brand can be fully produced in Indian Country and operated by a team of Indigenous artists and professionals.

- Reno, Creator/CEO

Navajo Owned & Created

Made by a network of artists with all products produced in the USA.

Hashké, One Year Later

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What We Are All About

Sharing Our Voice

We are a Native American owned and operated company. This means our products are made to authentically represent our culture. No one is in a better place to tell our story than we are.

Uplifting Our Indigenous Community

We love working with Indigenous peoples from across this land, including artists, photographers, and models representing tribes throughout Indian Country.

Bringing Prosperity Back Home

We are proud that all of our clothing is made in the USA. However, our long-term goal is to bring all of our operations back to the Navajo Nation. We are building the foundation for our people to have greater opportunities on the reservation than what is available today.